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Mon, Mar. 9th, 2009, 06:13 pm

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

answers for Ms wildilocks

1. Knitting.- I can't remember being taught to knit but I can remember my first and only pair of socks when i was in primary school. I started back up a few years back and I love knitted lace. It is so airy and feminine and a challenge to make. I love the idea that this ancient art is still just as useful and beautiful today as it ever was...you cannot buy in shops most of the stuff I makeand so it adds a uniqueness to my person.

2. Fatman -Where do I start with Fatman!? He is my furbaby. We have been friends since april 1995 when a half starved and scrauny bundle of fur demaned loudly for someone in the world to take notice of his plight. We were students at the time and a bit starved ourselves but I fed him an old lamb chop I found in the back of the fridge and some cereal. After a few weeks of us feeding him a large tin of catfood a day by mistake he ballooned to a michelin man of a cat and stayed that way  long enough to earn the nickname Fatman even though Picasso is his 'real' name. He has been my friend when I felt I had none and on more than one occassion his mere existance and the thought of leaving him to starve stopped me from suicide. He is getting old now and after loosing Bosch last year I know I will be completely devistated when he dies... but for now I keep enjoying the mooches and the puddalove.

3. Teaching- If you had asked me in year five what I wanted to be when i grew up I would have said Art Teacher. Infact I think it was the first serious career I ever considered my self doing. I have done many things sine that time and I fought so hard not to be a teacher,  but now, over 20 years later I am an art teacher and actually loving it ( not everyday but most). By teaching the kids I find my knowledge increases. I understand so much more about art and the way human beings see the world. I know now that the statement Those who can do and those who cant teach is such bollicks...if you cant you cant teach either especially art.

4. Japan- what a weird and wonderful country. I so want to take My beautiful man there. I once did an assignment on Japan at school and I habve no idea why i chose it at the time but I never imagined I would go there. I have some awesome memories and stories incuding getting dressed up as a geisha with blue eyes and  wisps of my red hair coming out from under the black wig!

5. Protectiveness- this one is a hard one as it has so many levels. In recent years I have started to learn about the 'damage' being adopted has done. I can understand much of my behaviour as a child and I was the most guarded and protected soul. Noone got close. When I moved to Perth I started to let people in and drop my barriers but I was still quite good at protecting me.  It is weird now that the same protective nature I had as a child is still with me only now I extend it to my loved ones as well (both family and friends) . Now i have met my siblings I find i get all lioness about stuff if they are hurt in anyway (i can only imagine how bad that would have been had I actually grown up with them).

I might think a little more on these and edit at a later time :]
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Mon, Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:20 am (UTC)

You probably thought I had forgotten about this! I hadn't I was just thinking.
So here goes...

1. Enlightenment

2. Resiliance

3. Fabric

4. Technology

5. The future